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About Wellington Heights Public School


At Wellington Heights Public School, we are a caring community of life-long learners who foster a culture of respect, responsibility and shared leadership.  With a positive growth-mindset nurtured in a safe environment, we develop self-confidence and independence as we persevere through challenges and celebrate successes together


In 2016, Wellington Heights Public School was opened after the amalgamation of E.W. Farr Public School and Pelham Centre Public School.  Our new school building, built on the site of the former E.W. Farr building, is comprised of a newly built addition consisting of new office space, a new learning commons, gymnasium, change-rooms and 6 additional learning spaces.  The former school, E.W. Farr building has undergone extensive renovations to most classrooms and the main corridor with updates to learning spaces and technology throughout.  We have a great learning space that we are all excited about!  We are nestled in the beautiful village of Fenwick, and our school grounds enable us to enjoy physical activity in some open spaces, but also to appreciate the natural beauty of rolling hills and mature trees.  Our former building, Pelham Centre Public School, was established in 1780. It was a small log cabin on the corner of Canboro Road and Centre Street.  Now, over 200 years later, Pelham Centre has closed its doors as we have moved to our new home.  Regardless of the school name or location, our mission remains the same, to continue to work hard to provide a meaningful and enriching learning experience for all of our students..